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Please choose the voice packs you wish to download from the tables below. All voice packs will run for 30 days and will work with any SAPI 5 application.

Please note: Voice packs are for private use only and are not licensed for use in a commercial sense, (e.g. creating MP3 files that are then sold).

They are only available to be purchased with the Readit / Lex / ReadEasy range of products and are not currently available separately.

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Windows 8 Support

Voice packs version 2.2.0 or higher must be used for users with Windows 8 operating systems.

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Ivona Voice packs version 2.6.2

We have now integrated the high quality range of Ivona voices into our products. The complete list of available languages and voices is detailed below:

Download Voice Pack Recognition Language Auto Language Switching Voice Name (Gender) Dialect
(if present)
Download image for Danish Ivona voicesDanish (275 MB) Danish Yes Mads (Male)
Naja (Female)
Download image for Dutch Ivona voicesDutch (207 MB) Dutch Yes Lotte (Female)
Ruben (Male)
Download image for American English Ivona voicesEnglish - American (468 MB) English Yes Eric (Male)
Ivy (Female)
Jennifer (Female)
Joey (Male)
Kendra (Female)
Kimberly (Female)
Download image for British English Ivona voicesEnglish - British (267 MB) English Yes Amy (Female)
Brian (Male)
Emma (Female)
Download image for Australian and Welsh Ivona voicesEnglish - Australian and Welsh (347 MB) English Yes Nicole (Female) Australian
Russell (Male) Australian
Geraint(Male) Welsh
Gwyneth (Female) Welsh
Download image for French Ivona voicesFrench (256 MB) French Yes Chantal (Female) Canadian
Celine (Female) French
Mathieu (Male) French
Download image for German Ivona voicesGerman (186 MB) German Yes Hans(Male)
Marlene (Female)
Download image for Italian Ivona voicesItalian (195 MB) Italian Yes Carla (Female)
Giorgio (Male)
Download image for Norwegian Ivona voicesNorwegian (156 MB) Norwegian Yes Liv (Female)
Download image for Polish Ivona voicesPolish (232 MB) Polish Yes Agnieszka (Female)
Ewa (Female)
Jacek (Male)
Jan (Female)
Maja (Female)
Download image for Portuguese Ivona voicesPortuguese (275 MB) Portuguese Yes Crisitano (Male) Portuguese
Ricardo (Male) Brazilian Portuguese
Vitoria (Female) Brazilian Portuguese
Download image for Romanian Ivona voicesRomanian (78.9 MB) Romanian No Carmen (Female)
Download image for Portuguese Vocalizer voicesRussian (147 MB) Russian Yes Tatyana (Female)
Download image for Spanish Ivona voicesSpanish (316 MB) Spanish Yes Conchita (Female) - Castilian
Enrique (Male) Castilian
Miguel (Male) American
Penelope (Female) American
Download image for Swedish Ivona voicesSwedish (158 MB) Swedish Yes Astrid (Female)
Download image for Spanish Ivona voicesTurkish (141 MB) Turkish Yes Filiz (Female)
Download image for Welsh Ivona voicesWelsh (225 MB) Welsh No Geraint (Male)
Gwyneth (Female)

Nuance logo

Nuance Vocalizer Voice packs version 2.6.2

Nuance have the largest range of text-to-speech voices available. New voices are regularly added as they are released. The complete list of the voices are shown below:

Download Voice Pack Recognition Language Auto Language Switching Voice Name (Gender) Dialect
(if present)
Download image for Arabic Vocalizer voicesArabic - currently no OCR (75 MB) Arabic No Maged (Male)
Download image for Catalan Vocalizer voicesCatalan (66 MB) Catalan Yes Nuria (Female)
Download image for Chinese Vocalizer voicesChinese (182 MB) Chinese No Sin-Ji (Female) Hong-Kong Cantonese
Ting-Ting (Female) Chinese Mandarin
Ya-Ling (Female) Taiwanese Mandarin
Download image for Czech Vocalizer voicesCzech (55 MB) Czech Yes Zuzana (Female)
Download image for Danish Vocalizer voicesDanish (46 MB) Danish Yes Ida (Female) Danish
Download image for Dutch Vocalizer voicesDutch (130 MB) Belgian Dutch
Yes Claire (Female) Belgian
Xander (Male) Dutch
Ellen (Female) Dutch
Download image for English Vocalizer voicesEnglish (452 MB) English Yes Daniel (Male) British
Serena (Female) British
Sangeeta (Female) British Indian
Jill (Female) American
Samantha (Female) American
Tom (Male) American
Karen (Female) Australian
Lee (Male) Australian
Tessa (Female) South African
Download image for Finnish Vocalizer voicesFinnish (60 MB) Finnish Yes Mikko (Male)
Download image for French Vocalizer voicesFrench (182 MB) French Yes Felix (Male) Canadian
Julie (Female) Canadian
Thomas (Male) French
Virginie (Female) French
Download image for Gaelic OCR for Readit softwareGaelic - for recognition language only (no voice - 2MB) Irish
Scottish Gaelic
No None available
None available
Download image for German Vocalizer voicesGerman (134 MB) German Yes Anna (Female)
Steffi (Female)
Yannick (Male)
Download image for Greek Vocalizer voicesGreek (45 MB) Greek Yes Alexandros (Male)
Download image for Hindi Vocalizer voicesHindi - currently no OCR (50 MB) Hindi No Lekha (Female)
Download image for Hungarian Vocalizer voicesHungarian (77 MB) Hungarian Yes Eszter (Female)
Download image for Italian Vocalizer voicesItalian (88 MB) Italian Yes Paolo (Male)
Silvia (Female)
Download image for Japanese Vocalizer voicesJapanese - OCR not supported (6 MB) Japanese No Kyoko (Female)
Download image for Japanese Vocalizer voicesKorean (43 MB) Korean No Narae (Female)
Download image for Norwegian Vocalizer voicesNorwegian (48 MB) Norwegian Yes Stine (Female)
Download image for Polish Vocalizer voicesPolish (340 MB) Polish Yes Agata (Female)
Download image for Portuguese Vocalizer voicesPortuguese (109 MB) Portuguese
Brazilian Portuguese
Yes Joana (Female) Portuguese
Raquel (Female) Brazilian
Download image for Romanian Vocalizer voicesRomanian (80 MB) Romanian No Simona (Female)
Download image for Russian Vocalizer voicesRussian (48 MB) Russian Yes Milena (Female)
Download image for Slovak Vocalizer voicesSlovak (73 MB) Slovak No Laura (Female)
Download image for Spanish Vocalizer voicesSpanish (162 MB) Spanish Yes Javier (Male) Mexican
Paulina (Female) Mexican
Diego (Male) Spanish
Monica (Female) Spanish
Download image for Swedish Vocalizer voicesSwedish (103 MB) Swedish Yes Alva (Female)
Oskar (Male)
Download image for Turkish Vocalizer voicesThai - currently no OCR (61 MB) Thai No Narisa (Female)
Download image for Turkish Vocalizer voicesTurkish (55 MB) Turkish Yes Aylin (Female)